Fashion, Technology & Friends at AGENDA Long Beach

Having recently attended the AGENDA show, a two-day youth-culture forum held at the Long Beach Convention Center, we experienced the latest in fashion and technology products coming available in 2014.  Representing every facet of California lifestyle, AGENDA brought together over 600 brands within fashion, action sports, streetwear, sneakers, accessories, hardgoods and more.  Notably, this year’s show revealed a strong participation from technology product and accessory companies such as GoPro, OlloClip and Mophie.

Agenda Long BeachWe were thrilled to see what these brands, among others, have in store for 2014 and enjoyed visiting with our friends at The Ampal Creative, TAVIK, Vestal, Mophie, Wonderland, Olukai and Beach Riot.

The Agenda team (via recently interviewed the founders of The Ampal Creative, Andrew Potash and Daniel Schechter, who provided advice, insights and background on how they got started.  Check it out:

How did you get started in the industry?
It started with supportive and creative parents and a family that always told me to do what I love. I graduated from USC in 05 with a degree in Business and Cinema. I was looking at a buyer program at a large high end department store and positions in a couple of big talent agencies’ training programs. Although, both were associated with creative outlets, both seemed pretty soul-less. I trusted my gut and walked away from the offers. I went on a couple of surf trips and spent the summer surfing and being a beach bum again with all the boys n girls down in SD. I literally washed away any desire for the corporate route and reconnected with my roots and loves.

A big head with a limited hat market, a desire to not go the T-shirt/hoodie/printed route, and a small, personal line of credit lead to the first hats. They weren’t embroidered basics, they were cut-n-sew from fabrics I picked. We basically spent the next couple of years overcoming all sorts of production nightmares as we grew and am really proud to be where we’re at now.

What brands were you inspired by growing up? Name 3-ish.
Stussy – I remember being at La Jolla Elementary School and walking down the street to California Surf n Sport on my birthdays and picking out Stussy shirts. I did a third grade report on a Stussy 8 Ball snapback I wish I still had – I had no idea what an 8 Ball was.

Bald – The coolest brand by the coolest dudes from the coolest shop when I was a grom. Pablo and Ricky from Mitch’s (OG surf/skate shop, one of the first surf/skate “boutique” way before such an idea existed). They started this rad clothing/skate line, with a flip of the dunlop logo with a B. I doodled it countless countless times. Without knowing it, this was my first exposure to streetwear.

Polo – I grew up in La Jolla. My parents never bought me Polo, but I knew there was something about it and aspired toward the little embroidered horseman my friends had on their gear.

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La Voz Marketing Attends MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas

photo3LVM recently attended the MAGIC Trade Show 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year was slightly different than previous years, due to the fact that S.L.A.T.E. and STREET were both combined into the PROJECT show.  Also new this year were the big white tents that stood outside of Mandalay Bay Convention Center, which housed ENK (a show catered towards women’s contemporary fashion) and The Tents (geared towards higher end brands).  With all the changes it took everyone a bit to find their way around, but eventually the booths started to gain a higher volume of foot

MAGIC occurs twice a year: the spring show in February and the fall show in August.  Exhibitors, buyers and other attendees come from all over the world for this trade show, which happens to appear on the Top 5 Trade Shows in Las Vegas list. We made sure to visit our friends at Tavik to check out their latest collections of swimwear, apparel and the recently launched mobile accessory line.

All in all, it turned out to be a great show with lots of business and social interaction – a good sign that businesses are striving to keep our economy thriving!

Hot Products & Big Trends From CES 2013

As this year’s consumer electronics show comes to a close today, we would like to take a minute to share some of the Hot Products & Big Trends from CES 2013.  Since it is nearly impossible to see everything at this massive show,  we’ve relied on feedback from experts such as Gizmodo and iLounge to bring you this list:

Tobii Rex – Tobii’s technology uses your eyes to replace your mouse cursor. REX attaches to the underside of your LCD monitor and after about 30 seconds of training, the REX’s electronic eyes follow your own, allowing you to control your cursor with just your eyes. It’s amazingly accurate, although you’ll still need to “click” with your keyboard.

Incipio’s CashWrap – CashWrap ($60) is a mobile wallet for the iPhone 5 featuring an NFC chip and secure micro SD card.  The case pairs with an Isis-developed app, enabling you to reduce the number of physical credit cards you’re carrying around by virtualizing them. It will be released this spring. Thank you Incipio for creating a case where 2 of our necessities are combined into 1 simple solution!


Harman’s Augmented Reality Windshield Display – Law makers across the country are working to make the roads safer by encouraging hands-free devices and banning the use of smartphones while driving. Harman’s solution: Fill the windshield with widgets and info, like weather apps and YouTube videos. Although hands-free, how can these distracting icons be any safer?

Basis Band – Being that we are health nuts here at LVM, we were stoked to learn about the Basis Band, a fitness/health tracking device shaped like a wristwatch. What’s most amazing about the Basis Band is that it doesn’t just give you data, it analyzes that data and gives you educated recommendations. For example, instead of simply stating how many calories you burned, it will tell you to get up and walk around the office for 15 minutes if you want to meet today’s health goal.  It’s truly the next generation of fitness trackers!

Samsung Flexible Displays – By showing off a phone with a flexible screen, Samsung is hinting at a day when we might fold up our large phone or tablet screens as if they were maps. The phone Samsung presented consisted of a matchbox-sized hard enclosure, with a paper-thin, flexible color screen attached to one end. The screen doesn’t appear flexible enough to fold in half like a piece of paper, but it could bend into a tube.

In addition to these ‘Hot Products”, there were a variety of ‘Big Trends’ evident at this year’s show.  The biggest trends from CES 2013, according to, were: Ultra High Definition (4K) TVs, Touch Screen PCs, Next-Generation Mobile Chipsets, In-Car Smartphone Integration, Digital Health, Non-Traditional Gaming Devices, Wireless Audio and Video, and Wireless Cameras.

How to Experience CES 2013 Virtually

CES 2013As you may already know, the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) begins TODAY in Las Vegas.  The Wall Street Journal breaks the show down in layman’s terms:

“CES, as the event is universally called, is used by many high-tech companies to show off what they have developed—as well as product plans for the rest of the year. The event has assumed increased importance as consumer purchases of goods have topped revenue from business customers for many electronics companies.”

If you are looking for the newest gadget from Microsoft or the trendiest new iPhone 5 case from Incipio, CES is the place to be.  If you can’t be there, however, you can still experience CES via minute-by-minute updates from top bloggers and reporters that are combing the show floor for the latest and greatest.  We recommend checking out the following outlets to discover the latest technological advances of 2013 and beyond:

Blogs:  Visit Engadget,  Gizmodo and iLounge.  Other suggested blogs are: CrunchGear, GearLive, SlashGear, PCMag, and CNET.

Twitter:  If you want to watch the tweet streams in the Twittershpere from all the active tweeters attending CES, search for CES trends like #CES13 and #CES.

Real-time coverage and daily wrap ups to watch:

Official CES Social information: Follow the news directly on CES’ Social Channels.

Finally, you can always come back and visit LVM’s blog for updates as well!

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

FB Example of Inbound MarketingToday, more and more companies are trying to determine the best way to connect with their target audience without spending a fortune. With the economy the way it is, it is even more important to understand different marketing techniques out there, like the difference between inbound marketing vs outbound marketing and how to best implement them.

There are two types of marketing: Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing occurs when a marketer pushes their message out to the public, in hopes that it resonates with at least one of the intended targets. Some examples of Outbound Marketing include trade shows, seminars, email blasts, purchased lists, cold calling, telemarketing and advertising.

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