Ways to Advocate During Fair Trade Month

fair trade logoAccording to the Fair Trade USA website, the purchase of fair trade products ensures quality products and a safe work environment for workers.  Purchasing fair trade products also keeps children in school and builds sustainable communities.   Fair Trade month occurs every October and it aims to raise awareness about the benefits of purchasing fair trade products.  Although there are many different types of fair trade products consumers can purchase, they are not readily available at many stores and establishments.

If your brand aligns with the values of Fair Trade, here are some ways that you can advocate during Fair Trade Month:

  • Educate yourself about Fair Trade products.  We recommend looking at the Fair Trade USA website to learn more.
  • Buy Fair Trade Products.  You can purchase fair trade apparel, chocolate, coffee, fruit and more.  All fair trade items are marked with the official fair trade logo.  We recommend Orange County coffee lovers to purchase their next cup at The Lost Bean. Also, a list of fair trade products can be found here.
  • Ask companies for fair trade products.  Talk to a manager or fill out a comment card asking for fair trade products at the store.
  • Participate in a campaign near you.  You can utilize this website to find a campaign nearby.
  • Follow Fair Trade USA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can also join the conversation on social media by utilizing #fairtrademonth.

A Philanthropic First: The Private Bank of California’s Charity Outreach Program

LVM created the first-ever Philanthropic Initiative Program for The Private Bank of California, designed to position the Bank as a community leader and enable it to develop deeper relationships with regional non-profits.  The program, which was created with the involvement of the Bank, set forth a Philanthropic Vision for the company as a whole.  Once set forth, employees were invited to participate in various in-field activities related to the chosen charities:

Philanthropic Vision:

To help solve problems that adversely affect the community in which we live, work and serve, by supporting local non-profit organizations and their initiatives.

Philanthropic Objective:

Focus on four main causes that are meaningful to the Bank’s employees, shareholders, clients and community – Youth, Arthritis, Poverty & Hunger.

Charity Award

Once the vision and objectives were crystalized, LVM worked in tandem with the regional non-profits to create volunteer programs for the Bank employees.  At the end of 2012, LVM submitted the Bank for relevant community awards.  One of these award opportunities was offered by the American Bankers Association (ABA).  The ABA Community Commitment Award is an annual program put together by the American Bankers Association to recognize and celebrate the high impact contributions that banks of all sizes have on the communities they serve.  The Bank was awarded a Certificate of Participation in Volunteerism and Philanthropy, which acknowledged the wonderful work and time that they donated throughout the year to these causes and to their community.

To find out how LVM can help you with your Philanthropic initiatives, connect with us here: