LVM President + Renowned Author and Concordia University Professor Educate Millennials on Personal Branding and Thriving in Today’s Market

Stacey from TEOC event
La Voz Marketing President, Stacey Kaszton Jones, was invited to speak at
The Elite OC’s May Educational Schmoozer, alongside Dr. Chip Espinoza of Concordia University.  The two speakers educated over 100 attendees on personal branding and thriving as a millennial in today’s market.  Dr. Chip Espinoza is the co-author of “Millennials@Work: The 7 Skills Every Twenty-Something Needs to Overcome Roadblocks and Achieve Greatness At Work” and “Managing the Millennials: Discover the Core Competencies for Managing Today’s Workforce.” He is also Academic Director of the Organizational Psychology program at Concordia University Irvine.

The Elite OC, with the support of Concordia University Irvine, hosts quarterly Educational Schmoozers that offer information about relevant topics. This quarter attendees listened to Stacey Jones talk about the power of personal branding and how one can establish and fortify their personal brand to achieve greatness.  Dr. Espinoza spoke about thriving as a millennial in the workplace, and how millennials can stand out among their peers and excel in the workplace alongside Baby Boomer and Generation X colleagues.

As part of its mission, The Elite OC raises awareness and donations for a local nonprofit organization at each event.  LVM’s client, the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation, was the highlighted charity for this event.  The Foundation funds valuable library resources and programs –– engaging the community in cultural and intellectual adventure through the sponsorship of diverse public programs and cutting-edge library enhancements.  Aside from funding the library’s Media Lab, the Foundation also funds plenty of educational community programs, such as the Witte Lectures and Library Live series, the monthly Medicine in Our Backyard, book discussion groups, financial workshops, and children’s events and programs.TEOC Image

The Foundation relies on its members’ support to fund the programs at the library that support education and culture in our community. If you’re interested in giving to this organization, click here.

The Elite OC has monthly schmoozers where attendees get the opportunity to network with like-minded young professionals while giving back to the local community. You can find information about upcoming events, how to become a member or about the organization’s partner charities on their website.

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How to Engage your Consumers in Brand Storytelling


An Adaptly and Facebook study, called ‘The Science of Social Media Advertising’, found that campaigns that told a brand story before asking people to buy something were more effective.  The social media advertising technology firm noticed an 87% increase in people visiting the landing page and a 56% increase in subscription rates among the people exposed to the sequenced ads.

Since Adaptly and Facebook have reaffirmed the importance of storytelling in social media advertising, brands may wonder what is an engaging way to share its story.  LVM recommends structuring your story with a plot that is found throughout literature and all cultures.  Listed below are seven plot lines (and examples) that are found throughout literature, pop culture, and mentioned in the book The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker.

1. Overcoming the Monster:  From David and Goliath to Harry Potter, this plot capitalizes on the story’s hero winning battles against dominant, more powerful characters.  It truly is the underdog story.

2. Rebirth:  A plot featuring second chances and renewal, characters receive a new beginning and learn from the past.  In the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, the Beast receives his rebirth through Belle’s love and kiss.

3. Quest:  The main characters strive to reach from point A to point B and face obstacles along the way.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail best demonstrates this plot in a humorous way.

4. Journey and Return:  After the main character travels to a distant land and returns home, he or she will undergo a transformation of self-discovery.  Many people watched Dorothy undergo a transformation in the Wizard of Oz as she traveled Oz with her new friends and Toto.

5. Rags to Riches: As the struggle of poverty inspires hard work, the character manifests riches of wealth and prosperity.  Many fiction stories feature this plot line including Disney’s Cinderella.

6. Tragedy: Shakespeare is best known for telling the stories of humanity’s dark side and the vanity.  Stories such as Romeo and Juliet highlight the emotion and tragedy while telling an important message.

7. Comedy:  Everybody loves stories that make them laugh and showcase unusual solutions to solve a problem.

If you are interested in learning how brands have utilized these plots in their storytelling, LVM recommends you read this post in Ad Week. By telling your brand story with one of the plots listed above, you will identify an emotional trigger within your audience and turn them into buyers.

Media Relations Tips For Any Sized Business


Media relations is beneficial for any business, no matter its size.  Journalists are always looking for story ideas that will benefit their readers and media placements can help showcase your business as an expert or resource.  Below are media relations tips for businesses that are looking to increase their awareness.

1) Monitor the News.  By reading or watching the news, you become aware of topics that journalists like to cover.  In addition, you may spot an opportunity to newsjack or insert a company opinion about a trending topic.  Google Alerts allow consumers to receive news alerts based on their chosen keyword and Google Trends showcases the latest searched topics.  These tools keep you proactive in finding a story to pitch.

2) Pitch a story idea based on a timely event of public interest.  If you track upcoming events or holidays occurring in your community, your business may find an opportunity to pitch a relevant story idea.  For example, around mid-August and early September, many back to school stories appear on the news.  If your company relates to this season, you can integrate your company in a back to school story idea.

3) Be the Journalist’s Assistant.  After the journalist confirms his or her interest in writing the story, assist the journalist by providing the information he or she needs and coordinating the interviews.  A journalist will remember the work you put in to help the story get published.

4) Show Gratitude. Thank the journalist for the story.  Let him/her know that you appreciate his or her work.  Gratitude goes a long way and journalists will remember you the next time you pitch a story.


What are you waiting for? Develop a Connection with Hispanic Millennials.

Hispanic Millennials

Brands should invest marketing dollars in Hispanic Millennials.   A Telemundo Case Study called “Who is the New America” reveals that there are 50 million Hispanics in the United States that possess $1 trillion of disposable income in total.  They outspend Non-Hispanics in electronics, clothing, beauty products, CDs, and groceries.  Latino Millennials currently make up 46% of the Hispanic population and are members of the fastest growing demographic in the United States.

To connect with the Hispanic millennial, brands must understand how they like to communicate and their passion points. Approximately 64% of the Latino youth are Spanish dominant/bilingual and connect emotionally with Spanish or ‘Spanglish” messaging.  A Nielsen, Univision Communications and Starcom Media Vest Group study, “The Bilingual Brain”, found Spanish Ads to be more effective in driving emotional engagement and memory activation than their English counterparts.  The Hispanic millennials in the study were more engaged with a Spanglish Ad following English programming in comparison to Spanglish ads following Spanish programming.

When creating brand messaging, marketers need to look beyond simply translating an English message.  Instead, they should focus on the fact that historical context and cognitive abilities play an influential role in how Hispanics perceive an advertisement.

LVM provides insight to its clients on the Hispanic millennial ‘voz’ or voice and helps them identify brand-specific passion points that will engage this growing audience.  Through experience, we know that Hispanic millennials are receptive to brand messaging when communicated in the right way.

LVM Attends Orange Catholic Foundation Conference on Business and Ethics

Dubbed as one of the most impactful business events of the year, the Orange Catholic Foundation Conference on Business and Ethics proved to be a wonderful opportunity for business professionals of all faiths and backgrounds to position themselves among the finest in Orange County.  LVM was thrilled to be a guest at this conference, which focused on the importance of values and ethics and recognized two special Orange County honorees for their commitment to these practices in their business and personal lives.

Orange Catholic Foundation LogoContributing to the 11th Annual Conference were keynote speakers, Pat Haden, USC Athletic Director and former USC and LA Rams quarterback, and Richard Riordan, former Mayor of Los Angeles and founder of the UCLA Richard Riordan Programs. Both Haden and Riordan spoke on the importance of ethical practices and how it led them to where they are today.

Presented annually by the Bishop of Orange, the Award for Exemplary Business Integrity is given to senior professionals who meet strict criteria for demonstrating ethical leadership qualities. Joining the select group of 20 who have received this award was Rick Muth, President of ORCO Block Company, ORCO Blended Products and RNVS Real Estate, and Rob Neal, Managing Partner of Hager Pacific, and Interim COO and Board Member for the Christ Catholic Cathedral Corporation.

“Rick and Rob share a steadfast dedication to making decisions and leading their lives based on values and integrity,” said Bishop Kevin Vann. “Both men demonstrate that success in business and in life can be achieved without compromising responsible leadership or your Catholic faith.”

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Orange County’s ‘Real’ Food Market In Downtown Santa Ana

It’s about time Orange County had its own real market and what better place than in the heart of Orange County: Downtown Santa Ana. Consisting of a diverse mix of trendy restaurants, art galleries, craft cocktail bars and a revitalized theater, Downtown Santa Ana has positioned itself as Orange County’s true ‘Downtown’. As Downtown Santa Ana is quickly becoming a central city hub, it makes sense to have a central market. With this in mind, the redevelopers of the area are planning to create a large market space to be built over the next year or so.

Downtown Orange CountySet to open in early 2014, East End Partners are looking to turn the area along East Fourth Street, formerly called the Fiesta Marketplace, into an open food market (they’re still working out a catchy name for it). The idea is to have a dozen small-scale restaurants, similar to ‘fondas’ found in a Mexican mercado. There will be specialty kitchens, like a gluten-free kitchen and a confectionery kitchen, for smaller-scale projects. These kitchens would act as incubators for people whose business models are too large for the cottage food law but too small for traditional commercial kitchens.

The market part will be created to emphasize local artisans. It will even have it’s own butcher shop run by Michael Puglisi, who rose from in-house butcher to sous chef at Bouchon in Beverly Hills. Much of the food for sale will come from the commercial kitchens and include a demo space as well.

We are excited to support the growth of Downtown Santa Ana and look forward to what this Food Market has in store come 2014!

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TAVIK iPhone Cases Now Available at Apple

We are excited to share the news from our friends over at TAVIK – you can now find TAVIK’s PENTRY and GRIP TAPE iPhone 5 cases exclusively in Apple Stores nationwide and in Canada!

The PENTRY case is an ode to the modern machine of creation. Constructed with individuality in mind, the PENTRY case comes with 26 interchangeable silicone keys of the alphabet, allowing for complete customization for your case.  Designed with a hard grip tape feel, the GRIP TAPE case provides stylish protection and is inspired by the action sport, street lifestyle.

In addition to the exclusive cases now available at Apple, TAVIK is also preparing an extensive accessory collection across iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPad, iPad mini, audio and bags for select retailers.  Launching globally in April 2013, this new accessory line will feature premium materials and the same strong design aesthetic found in current TAVIK apparel.

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A Philanthropic First: The Private Bank of California’s Charity Outreach Program

LVM created the first-ever Philanthropic Initiative Program for The Private Bank of California, designed to position the Bank as a community leader and enable it to develop deeper relationships with regional non-profits.  The program, which was created with the involvement of the Bank, set forth a Philanthropic Vision for the company as a whole.  Once set forth, employees were invited to participate in various in-field activities related to the chosen charities:

Philanthropic Vision:

To help solve problems that adversely affect the community in which we live, work and serve, by supporting local non-profit organizations and their initiatives.

Philanthropic Objective:

Focus on four main causes that are meaningful to the Bank’s employees, shareholders, clients and community – Youth, Arthritis, Poverty & Hunger.

Charity Award

Once the vision and objectives were crystalized, LVM worked in tandem with the regional non-profits to create volunteer programs for the Bank employees.  At the end of 2012, LVM submitted the Bank for relevant community awards.  One of these award opportunities was offered by the American Bankers Association (ABA).  The ABA Community Commitment Award is an annual program put together by the American Bankers Association to recognize and celebrate the high impact contributions that banks of all sizes have on the communities they serve.  The Bank was awarded a Certificate of Participation in Volunteerism and Philanthropy, which acknowledged the wonderful work and time that they donated throughout the year to these causes and to their community.

To find out how LVM can help you with your Philanthropic initiatives, connect with us here:

OC Weekly Reveals Personal Side of Newport Dunes’ Back Bay Bistro Chef Kurt Schaeffer

Newport Dunes‘ waterfront restaurant,  Back Bay Bistro, and its talented chef Kurt Schaeffer were recently featured in OC Weekly as part of their On The Line segment.  OC Weekly interviewed Chef Kurt to offer a more personal view of the establishment and expose the inspired force behind the Back Bay Bistro’s delicious cuisine.

Photo by: Laila Derakhshanian

Here are a few fun facts about Chef Kurt Schaeffer that we extracted from the interview:

Your earliest food memory:
When I was six years old I made my parents chocolate dipped strawberries for their anniversary.

Your best recent food find:
There is a dim-sum place at the Spectrum that has a unique tempura japanese eggplant stuffed with shrimp that is so unique and tastes amazing.

What fast food do you admit to eating?
I have eaten exactly five times at fast food restaurants my entire life. I have been to McDonald’s twice, Burger King, Carl’s Jr and Panda Express.

One food you can’t live without:
Carbs! Particularly rice. I eat it at least four times a week.

Favorite chef:
Hubert Keller. He personifies what I think is a great chef– he is calm, knowledgeable, looks at his staff as a team, never raises his voice and is extremely creative with what most people perceive as ordinary food. What he can do with a hamburger is genius.

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten:

Curry cheesecake and tofu chili.

Favorite places to eat (besides your own):

There’s a pizza place in New York called Patsy’s and Yamashiro’s in Los Angeles.

Weirdest customer request (and did you do it?):

When I worked at Salt Creek Grille, a customer would call 30 minutes before arriving and ask for his steak to be cooked for 35-45 minutes. It killed me to “ruin” such a great piece of meat, but yes, I did it.

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LVM’s Newest Client – Newport Dunes

With the New Year comes new opportunities! We are thrilled to be supporting Newport Dunes, A Waterfront Resort & Marina located in Newport Beach, California.  This 110-acre resort, at the entrance of the Back Bay nature preserve, is the best kept secret around – offering everything from unique resort accommodations and a pristine marina with boat rentals to premier waterfront dining and fabulous special event facilities and catering.

Newport DunesGuests of  the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina can choose to stay in one of the cozy cottages on property; luxury camping and RV sites are also available.  Those lucky enough to discover this gem can enjoy a mile of private beach situated on a waveless lagoon that can be explored by renting a sailboat, a stand-up paddleboard or an electric Duffy.  In addition to rentals and water activities, Newport Dunes has its own waterfront restaurant called Back Bay Bistro – a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere that serves delicious American cuisine to guests overlooking the bay.  Located at the intersection of Jamboree and PCH, Newport Dunes is perfectly positioned so that you can experience the best of Newport Beach.  This secret waterfront resort is the perfect environment for business gatherings, weddings, family reunions, and more.  We will be unveiling the hidden secrets of Newport Dunes in the months to come, so stay tuned!

For more information on the Resort and its unique offerings and promotions, be sure to connect with Newport Dunes on Facebook ( and Twitter (@NewportDunes).