What is a Brand?
An orange…is an orange…is an orange. Unless, of course, that orange happens to be a Sunkist, a name eighty percent of consumers know and trust.” – Russel L. Hanlin, CEO, Sunkist Growers

Why do we need Branding?
Your brand is your most important asset. It links your product/service to your customers and tells them what you promise and what you stand for.

Due to technology and globalization, consumers now have more product/service choices than ever before! On top of this, social media has greatly altered the relationship between brands and consumers. Now, the power to define and control a brand is shifting from businesses to individuals.

Your success hinges on whether your customers recognize that you stand for something.
It is crucial that you clearly identify, communicate and deliver on your unique point of differentiation and brand promise.

Why Invest in Brand Strategy?
The right Brand Strategy enables you to identify, leverage and profit from what makes your company unique. As branding expert Sandra Sellani teaches – creating a simple, yet powerful differentiator in the minds of your customers, your staff and your stakeholders, is the key to success and requires a clear and compelling vision that is expressed in everything you do.

Our Branding Services:
– Comprehensive Brand & Market Research
– Interactive Brand Strategy Session
– Development of Full Brand Strategy Plan
– Messaging Creation

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