Decline of Women in the Workforce Detrimental to Businesses

womenCEONot only are the majority of educational degrees in the U.S. earned by women, they are considered the most promising assets entering the workforce, according to a recent article by James daSilva of Switch & Shift, a company that focuses on the human side of business.

According to daSilva, “One could argue that women have been and will be a majority of the best.”  While this is seen throughout the business world, statistics still show that an alarmingly low percentage of women will rise to executive level positions.  This will become a serious problem over time, if this tendency continues. I s there hope?  The answer is yes.  The primary strategy to bring about change is to bring awareness to the key target audience: skeptical executives.  In order to change the direction of this trend and sustain it, solid, strategic efforts must begin with today’s youth.  By educating young people on the opportunities that “working life” presents, a new perspective will develop for the next generation.  Mentorship programs, that offer sponsorship to those who have the potential to make a difference, can open up new possibilities and will combat preconceived notions against women (and others) in the working world.

Patti Johnson explains what the potential long-term effects will be on businesses if they do not take action, and why this issue should not be taken lightly.  The decline of women in the workforce is a concerning issue; she states that one frustrating aspect is that this knowledge is not new.  The research she refers to is more than a year old and not exactly shocking.  General awareness has grown to the point where companies or executives must at least make half-hearted attempts at bringing women into executive ranks rather than ignoring or belittling the problem.  Actually turning said awareness into tangible change is proving to be difficult.

La Voz Marketing is proud to have female executives leading the organization and tackling all facets of the business, from client relations and marketing strategy to corporate planning and business development.

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