How to Succeed at Visual Marketing

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Customers are craving visual content and brands are aiming to give them what they want. Here are some recommendations on how to succeed at visual marketing through Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube:


  • Feature your fans to increase visibility of your product, gain brand loyalty and increase sales
  • Hold contests and giveaways to increase brand engagement by requiring fans to “like”, comment, repost or participate in a photo challenge
  • Use short, memorable hashtags that tie back to your product and create a conversation


  • All content should be high-quality and aesthetically pleasing to advertise your product in the best light possible
  • Be creative by showcasing different sides of your brand and organizing them on different boards, which humanizes your brand and provides consumers with an in-depth look into your brand
  • Be inspirational by giving your audience the motivation they need to make positive changes and ultimately convert casual browsers into dedicated fans of your brand


  • Actively participate and engage with your audience to expand your channel and help keep your channel alive
  • Understand your audience and make content specifically for them to keep their interest and increase brand awareness
  • Consistently publish content on one channel versus using more than one channel to increase visibility, subscriptions and engagement

For specific examples on how these tips have been successful, check out Entrepreneur’s recent article!