Advancements in Today’s World of Home Automation

The world of automated home gadgets is young and exciting, filled with a vast amount of promising new products. In previous years, the “smart” home was dreamt about, shown only in movies and prototypes.  Now, that home is finally a reality with a variety of usable devices, many of which can be controlled from the convenience of a smartphone.  Mashable and CNN broke down the benefits that come with the home automation evolution.

Improved User Experience

Nest Learning ThermostatCompanies that develop household appliances will have access to an incredible amount of data about users and their experiences.  This new data will allow professionals to gather more insight into how products are used in real life and will provide opportunities to create a more personalized user experience.  Nest, the “learning thermostat”, is a great example of putting this data to use.  Users “teach” this proactive device their patterns for a few days and then Nest automatically adjusts settings to save energy based on user habits.

Reduced Costs

Home automation brings the concept of the “smart grid” into consumers’ homes.  Homeowners can control large appliances digitally and have them set to run at the time of day when energy prices are at their lowest.  HVAC systems, like forced air and zoned heating, will be able to work hand in hand within a home to be energy efficient while maintaining a desired temperature.  Additional opportunities for synchronization of systems are being developed that will help consumers save energy and money.

Plant LinkConvenience

In this fast-paced world we live in, it is now all about effectiveness and efficiency.  You can control home security cameras, blinds, check air quality, see if windows are open, unlock your house from halfway around the world, or use GPS to have your heater turn on…all through the palm of your hand.  A product called Plant Link monitors plants’ moisture levels and sends a text to the owner when they need water.  Philips Hue is a wireless lighting system that allows users to control every light in their house down to its color, saturation, and brightness, right from their smartphone.  Controlled through the Hue App, which comes with 17 pre-loaded “scenes,” users are able to use these scenes or create custom scenes, capturing the color from these images and recreating the desired hues throughout their home.

Here at LVM, we find home automation fascinating and are actively learning about what is now possible and will be possible in the near future.  Stay tuned for more updates!