5th Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference

Last week we were able to attend the 2014 California Diversity and Leadership Conference in Garden Grove, California.   At this conference, professionals gather to learn about, honor and are inspired by the recipient’s of the “California’s Most Powerful & Influential Women” Award. Successful women in business such as ABC News correspondent, Aditi Roy, head of Corporate Brand and Reputation at Visa, Inc., Jennifer Kuperman, and many more, are recognized for their accomplishments.

Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 10.15.21 AMVeteran Democratic political strategist and one of the featured keynote speakers of the event, Donna Brazile, gave a thoughtful and empowering speech about diversity and leadership. She spoke of tolerance, understanding and inclusion. She encouraged her audience to move further toward diversity, allowing for more change and inclusion, rather than reverting back to previous ways.

Brazile is also a professor, author, columnist, TV commentator and friend to the late Maya Angelou. Brazile spoke at length of her friend and the impact created by Maya’s wise words, and then she recited her favorite quote of Maya’s, “Each day, try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Brazile added, “being that rainbow will allow them to feel the sunshine, the light, of being capable.”

At this conference we were fortunate enough to attend some educational sessions:

“Latino’s in Leadership: Growing their influence”

This session taught us about successful Latino leaders in Corporate America and their recent growth in today’s workforce. These top influential Latino professionals shared their knowledge on how to adjust economic and social arenas to incorporate the Latino community.

“Building Cultural Competencies.”

This session was focused on recognizing and understanding the current multicultural workplace. It is important for companies acknowledge this mix of cultures and to deal with them appropriately both with employees in the workplace and clientele in the consumer market.

Thank you to the speakers, and congratulations to award winners, of the 5th Annual California Diversity and Leadership Conference. La Voz will be looking forward to next year’s event. For more info: