September, 2015

KidWorks Seeks Support to Continue Transforming Lives

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La Voz Marketing recently attended the ‘OC Latino Leaders Reception’ for KidWorks and learned more about the organization’s vision for the future from Kidworks’ Executive Director David Benavides.

Since 1993, KidWorks has been transforming the lives of at-risk children, families and communities in central Santa Ana through educational support, health and fitness programs, and spiritual and leadership-development activities.

At the OC Latino Leaders Reception, we learned about the exceptional results that KidWorks has achieved and the potential for greater future impact.  KidWorks currently serves 700 children, youth and parents in Santa Ana and reaches over 3,000 community members annually.

Over the past 10 years, KidWorks has served over 15,000 community members through various programs and events.  In the past 5 years, 96% of students in the after school program graduated high school and 83% enrolled in college. Although KidWorks has been making progress, nearly 300 kids seeking support are still on the waitlist.

Santa Ana is the second largest city in the county and has a high number of youth.  Unfortunately, only 15% of Latino graduates from Santa Ana Unified School District had taken the A-G course requirements necessary to be eligible for admission to the California State University and University of California school systems (Source: CA Department of Education, 2013).  More specifically, only 52.9% of adults in Santa Ana have graduated high school, making it among the most undereducated large cities in the county.

We appreciate the efforts of KidWorks to improve the lives of youth in Santa Ana. In order to expand their programs and services to a wider audience, KidWorks is launching its ‘Building Dreams’ Campaign to raise $3 million dollars. KidWorks’ goal is to purchase the building adjacent to its current Dan Donahue Center in order to double the size and impact of KidWorks in the community. The building expansion project will include the following:

  •      Innovation Center
  •      Outdoor sports and recreation court
  •      Health Fit Lab
  •      Urban learning garden
  •      Technology Help Desk and Lending Station
  •      Learning Labs
  •      Volunteer Hub
  •      Multipurpose Room
  •      Stage
  •      Think Tank
  •      Recharge Station

The program’s goals are as follows:

  •      100% of preschool students will be assessed as “Kindergarten-ready”
  •      At least 80% of K-5th grade students, testing below grade level in language arts and math, will improve
  •      At least 90% of high school students will graduate in four years
  •      At least 90% of high school graduates will enroll in college

If you are moved by their mission, you can support KidWorks in achieving its goals by clicking here and becoming a Dream Builder for the next generation!

La Voz Marketing Received OCPRSA PROTOS Award for its Consumer Program Efforts on ARTIC

Stacey and Sandra from La Voz Marketing at the PROTOS Awards

Stacey and Sandra from La Voz Marketing at the PROTOS Awards

PROTOS is the highest honor given to Orange County public relations practitioners who have demonstrated their understanding of the public relations and communications process including conducting research, defining objectives, and demonstrating measurable results of initiatives. Only 21 agencies / practitioners in all of Orange County received PROTOS awards this year.

La Voz Marketing recently attended the Orange County Public Relations Society of America’s (OCPRSA) 40th Annual PROTOS Awards, which honors public relations agencies and professionals who have completed outstanding work for clients in the previous year. La Voz Marketing was honored to receive the PROTOS award within the Consumer Programs category, for its efforts to prepare the market and launch ARTIC to the public. The PROTOS award is the highest honor given in the industry.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the PROTOS Awards, the OC-PRSA held the “Anchored in Excellence” event at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. The esteemed Vikki Vargas, the Orange County-based television reporter from NBC 4, emceed the program and announced the winners.

Kajsa James, Vice President of Development at the Ocean Institute and President of the Maddie James Foundation, spoke to the attendees about the important role that public relations played in her life and the life of her daughter Maddie. Maddie was five years old when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She loved the ocean and visited the Ocean Institute frequently with her family. Maddie’s mother realized that working with the institute would be the best way to honor her daughter’s short life.

With the help of public relations, James was able to raise awareness and the $1 million needed to name the new expansion to the Ocean Institute after her daughter – the “Maddie James Seaside Learning Center.” This learning center helps her daughter’s legacy live on and educates more than 115,000 of the K-12 students that visit the Ocean Institute every year. James reminded the marketing and public relations professionals at the event of the importance of their work.

La Voz Marketing was honored to help the City of Anaheim and Lincoln Property Company educate the Southern California community about the purpose and benefits of ARTIC, which merges various modes of transportation to seamlessly connect travelers to different destinations throughout Southern California. If you want to learn more about how La Voz can help you achieve your goals, please contact us at

Cornerstone at Tustin Legacy

Six Things to Consider When Working with Bloggers


La Voz Marketing recently attended the HPRA: PR + Bloggers event in Downtown Los Angeles. Three successful bloggers shared their experience working with PR professionals. Here are six key takeaways:

  • Do not ask bloggers to promote something that was not agreed upon
    Bloggers have worked hard to build their following. They won’t put anything out there that doesn’t resonate with them or their audience.
  • Avoid providing bloggers with scripted messages
    Bloggers have already developed their voice and personal brand. They know how to leverage their social media channels to get the results that you want.
  • Stop using the term “Mommy Bloggers”
    It was suggested that PR professionals stop using the term “mommy bloggers” because it annoys bloggers. Click here to see some of the reasons why they dislike it.
  • Mom bloggers aren’t the only ones with influence over children
    PR professionals put so much emphasis on working with mom bloggers, but they are missing out on other key influencers. There are various female bloggers, especially Latina bloggers, who have influences as a tía (aunt), a madrina (godmother), and a hermana mayor (older sister).
  • Latinos are outnumbering the general market
    The Latino market in Los Angeles is becoming the general market. Keep this in mind when you build your next communications campaign. You need to find the right blogger that can cross over naturally by speaking to an audience versus speaking at an audience. This rule applies to all cultures and backgrounds, but it’s emphasized because it usually doesn’t happen when marketing to the Latino audience.
  • If you invite a blogger to an event, be there
    One of the bloggers shared a horror story about a company treating her wrong during a live streaming attempt. The client/company did not understand the value of the blogger’s physical and online presence. As a result, the company lost business and respect from some of her 45.8K Twitter followers. Bloggers highly recommend a PR professional to be present at the event for additional support.

If you are handling your marketing efforts in-house, we hope you keep these points in mind!  For assistance with blogger outreach, feel free to contact La Voz Marketing.