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What’s The Good Word?

YOLOUnderstanding your target audience is the first step to successful communication.  To ensure you reach them, you have to speak their language.  So, what’s the good word?

From a recent post by Cassandra Daily, a site powered by the research, insights and global trendsetter network of The Intelligence Group, we learned some of the latest vocabulary being used by Gen Y/Z today.  Certainly some of these are new for you as well!

YOLO = You only live once.  Example: “Let’s go skydiving at night. YOLO!”

Okay, you’ve probably seen this a few times…but if you weren’t sure of the meaning, now you know!

Havishamin’ = To sit at home by yourself wishing you were out having fun (references Miss Havisham from Great Expectations).  Example: “What are you up to tonight?” “Oh, just Havishamin’. That guy said he would call but no word from him yet.”

Bare = A lot, without good reason.  Example: “You have bare likes on your profile picture.  Whats up with that?”

Swerve = to move, leave or scram.  Example: “I told her to swerve after she made that rude comment.”

Got me feelin’ some type of way = Phrase used to describe what one feels when something brings up an outpouring of otherwise hard to describe emotions. Example: “I lost my phone, and it’s got me feelin’ some type of way.”

Remember, never underestimate the importance of knowing how to speak to your audience.  People are responsive to those who know and understand them.  You can’t apply one communication formula across the board.  To have success you must develop a ‘voz’ or voice that is authentic and truly engages your customers.  Let La Voz Marketing help you develop your voice.

Healthcare Professionals Increase Use of Social Media

Earlier this year, we reported on a survey of major prescription drug and healthcare companies and their ]
integration of social media.  As a follow-up to that piece, we would like to highlight a recent survey conducted by AMN Healthcare that highlights healthcare professionals’ use of social media and mobile technology in their careers. Overall, the results show that a wide range of healthcare professionals are cultivating and increasing their use of social media and mobile technology in their personal and professional lives.

Source: AMN Healthcare

Source: AMN Healthcare

Reportedly 3 out of 4 healthcare professionals use smartphones and 40% of them are using smartphones to find jobs via social media.  But it doesn’t stop there. According to Ralph Henderson, President of Healthcare Staffing at AMN Healthcare, “…candidates are moving beyond job searching…you can use social media to find out what the culture and work environment is like before you apply.”  The fact that desirable candidates may pre-screen companies on social media before applying is impacting the way large healthcare companies view social media. Organizations looking to attract job applicants will want to assess their social media presence and ensure that it accurately reflects their brand and employes a strategy to recruit.

Also revealed, while Facebook was previously the first choice, LinkedIn is now the lead for professional networking. “Having a well-established LinkedIn profile is a good move for a job seeker,” noted Roger Bonds, Executive Director of the American Academy of Medical Management. “It shows that a person is technologically savvy, and it gives them a chance to show off their credentials and experience. It also gives a healthcare professional the chance to shape his or her own image online.”

Another interesting finding of the survey was that social media is less popular among physicians. “The most popular forms of social media don’t facilitate the type of communication that a physician may want to have with other physicians, due to privacy and security concerns,” said Harry Greenspun, MD, Senior Advisor for Healthcare Transformation and Technology for the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.

For obvious reasons, doctors do not post details regarding patients or other aspects of work on Facebook. Other social media sites, such as Doximity and Sermo, address this need by offering a secure platform that is designed specifically for physician use. Sermo currently has 220,000 active users and is expected to grow.

Overall, research found that individuals in this specialized sector are actively growing their social media presence and use and incorporating it into their professional lives as well.

As a result, companies are taking a closer look at their marketing strategy and the influence that their online presence can have on their employee base and the image of their brand.

To learn more about ways to leverage social media in this unique sector, contact La Voz marketing. We can recommend useful and risk-adverse ways to build your online presence while maintaining brand integrity.

Determining your Social Media Strategy – What Will Work for your Business?

socialmedia4Social Media is a part of everyday life. Utilizing it for your business can be extremely worthwhile; yet deciding which network can benefit your business or organization, and how to use it most effectively, can be daunting. It is important to choose carefully.

An article published by the International Association of Business Communication, (IABC), clearly lays out the four major social networks and how they are best used. These general guidelines are a great resource for businesses seeking ways to improve their online presence.

Facebook – Being the most widely used social network, Facebook is an ideal platform for most businesses. The main factor in how businesses leverage Facebook is content. A B2B company should focus on becoming a resource for both professionals in their field and current and prospective customers. This involves posting timely and useful articles that pertain to target markets and topics that will interest and engage employees within the targeted fields. Smaller, local companies and B2C companies can do well by posting coupons, new products, or tips for using their products on Facebook.

Twitter – The micro-blogging platform, that entails much more frequent posting, is usually a better resource for B2C and B2B companies that aren’t strictly local. Maintaining a company Twitter account requires assigning an employee (or group of employees, for larger organizations) to monitor what users are tweeting about the brand. Those responsible must also be actively answering questions, providing customer support, and sharing content and information about an organization’s products and services. The main objective is to continuously participate in discussions about one’s given industry.

LinkedIn – Primarily a personal networking tool, utilizing LinkedIn as a company is more about leveraging individual employee profiles than continuously working on your organization’s page. It is important to update the company’s profile and to have employees share company blog posts, new product or service announcements, and occasional articles relevant to the industry on their personal pages. Generally, employees should be left to manage their own LinkedIn accounts, while of course keeping in mind that they represent the company.

Pinterest – Pinterest, a photo-sharing network, has experienced explosive growth since its start. However, the sector of organizations that should have a Pinterest profile remains relatively small. As a general rule, e-commerce companies will benefit greatly from having a Pinterest profile and “pinning” their products onto separate but relevant boards. Many B2B companies and blogs find this strategy successful as well. The main goal is to find balance between pinning company products, while also being a creative inspiration to others.

At La Voz Marketing, Social Media is one of our specialties! Let us enable your company to authentically participate in the social conversation by developing a customized social media strategy for you and developing a meaningful, social relationship with your target audience.


Social Media Marketing for Prescription Drug Companies

At a time when nearly every company can be found promoting their product or service on at least one social platform, there are a few industries that are cautiously engaging in this marketing practice due to a lack of precedent.  In particular, we would like to call attention to the pharmaceutical industry and its social media efforts over the past few years.  An informal survey of seven multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies was recently conducted to gain insight into how these companies are utilizing social media.  The investigation and associated report, produced by Joy J. Liu and Kellie B. Combs of Ropes & Gray and published via Bloomberg BNA Insights, also brings to light some of the issues presented by these platforms in the absence of regulations or guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA has issued marketing guidelines that broadly apply to all online mediums; however they were written and published at a time when companies had much less direct contact to users and potential users of their product.  Also, these regulations are not social media specific.  The social media environment allows companies to intimately interact with consumers like never before. Likewise, consumers have unparalleled access to information via other users or the actual manufacturers.  Prescription drug and biomedical companies are left to address issues presented by social media marketing – such as monitoring and correcting content posted on their pages – on their own.  The industry has long awaited the arrival of guidelines, which were first formally discussed by representatives in the field in 1996. The matters discussed at that time included communication of product information on websites, chat rooms and other news groups. Since then, however, technology platforms have increased in quantity and provide more exposure, leaving many aspects of modern-day social media still untouched.

SocialMediaAs evidenced in the report’s interviews, Facebook emerged as the most extensively used social media tool by all seven companies.  Each company’s Facebook presence was established prior to an important change that Facebook made to its policy in 2011. Before this change, companies could prohibit users from commenting on their company page. This practice was dubbed as “whitelisting,” and offered a much more low-risk option for social media management.  Since the elimination of this setting, such companies have decreased their Facebook use due to the need for increased monitoring. Also, many companies claimed that the volume of work required to properly maintain and manage their Facebook pages was not worth it (as it relates to revenue).

The use of Twitter was found to be inefficient for many companies due to the 140-character limitation on each post. Twitter accounts also require correction about product information, which creates an endless labor of online monitoring for the companies.  Other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare and Tumblr, are also employed by some companies and must be monitored on a case-by-case basis using best practices as they see fit.

Overall, Ropes & Gray’s report found that there is a general sense of hesitancy towards engaging in social media marketing and that advocates within the companies are tasked with presenting a strong strategy and related return on investment that must be approved before launch.

For more information on strategic ways to leverage social media within this specialized sector, contact La Voz marketing.  We can recommend useful and risk-adverse ways to build an influential online presence and drive revenue back to your company.

Gaining Political Leverage Through The Use of Social Media

Not only are they the fastest growing population in the United States, now Hispanics are also considered the earliest users of smart phones (according to experts) due to the increased number of Hispanic youth and because many simply cannot afford a computer.  To take it a step further, 72 percent of Latino Internet users say they are on Social Media sites compared to 58 percent of all U.S. internet users, according to the Pew Research Hispanic Center.  When it comes to Facebook, 54 percent of Hispanics regularly use the social network compared to only 43 percent of white Americans.  Drawing from these findings and numbers, onlookers are lead to believe that Hispanic consumers’ use of smartphones, television, online video, and social networking make this group one of the most engaged and dynamic populations in the current digital space.

In the past year alone, activists say social media platforms have also been a gateway in boosting voter registration among Hispanics, who supported Barack Obama.  Social Media has also brought attention to immigration reform and serves as a key resource for obtaining legal status through President Obama’s deferred action program.  Below are a few influential events that were created via social media platforms by various Latino activists and brought to our attention via

iMarch – The March for Innovation

imarchIn an effort to promote immigration reform, Hispanics leveraged the recent social media surge to coordinate a virtual “iMarch” on Twitter, generating thousands of tweets (that landed more than a half billion times) that caused this to be among the largest of social media advocacy efforts.  The political leverage was so impactful that Members of Congress found their Twitter accounts inundated with hundreds of messages and the push caused prominent supporters such as Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Clinton, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Arnold Schwarzenegger to tweet support for reform to millions of their followers.  The march also partnered with Obama’s OFA (Organizing for Action), which helped promote it and push traffic.  The president tweeted a number of times to his 31 million followers – and at one point retweeted Jeb Bush.

Going forward, organizers for the “iMarch” will use the successful social template to put pressure on Congress and strive to push the controversial reform bill through the House and Senate.

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Summer Happenings at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort


Towards the end of 2012, LVM worked closely with Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina to strengthen its Branding and successfully identify the resort’s unique point of differentiation.  Since then, LVM has focused on highlighting and leveraging this unique brand via targeted marketing initiatives.  For example, LVM transformed the resort’s Facebook and Twitter profiles and has been growing its Social Media presence and interactivity by engaging with its fans, followers and customers on a daily basis.

In supporting Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, we have learned so much about the beautiful property and all of the exciting events and services that they offer our community.  Take a look at some of their summer activities that you can tap into in the coming months…

Movies on the Beach: Every Friday and Saturday through Summer!

Bring your blankets, lawn chairs and jackets to Newport Dunes Saturday, May 25th as their ‘Movies on the Beach’ series kicks off!  All summer long, near the Watersports area, they will be projecting your favorite films on a giant screen! Admission is FREE! Find the full movie schedule here.

Wine Tasting Dinner: Saturday, June 8th

Back Bay Bistro, in partnership with the sommeliers of the Wine Elite, will host another exciting Wine Tasting Dinner on Saturday, June 8th. The third of its series, this educational guided wine and dinner pairing will be directed by Sommelier Joey Kleinhans and Executive Chef Kurt Schaeffer. Tickets are $65 per person and can be purchased by calling (949)729-1144.

RussoRusso and Steele’s Legendary Auction Event: Thursday, June 20th – Saturday, June 22nd

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort will be home to Russo and Steele’s legendary auction event from June 20-22. For the first time ever in Newport Beach, one of the nation’s most extraordinary collections of top-of-the-line European sports cars, hot rods, American muscle vehicles and custom autos will be on display. For more details on this exhilarating auction event, including information on bidding registration and the consignment process, visit

Clam Bake: Every WEDNESDAY Night!

Join Back Bay Bistro every Wednesday night from 5-7pm and enjoy a fun family dining experience with a variety of Clams, Mussels, Shrimp and more! Back Bay Bistro’s very own, Chef Kurt Schaeffer was kind enough to create a video, showing us how to make our own clam bake right from home!

Shrimp Night: Every THURSDAY Night!

Going on now and continuing every Thursday night, Back Bay Bistro hosts Shrimp Night! For only $19, guests can enjoy their choice of tempura, coconut, scampi or crab stuffed shrimp and 2 sides. Seats fill up fast, so reservations are recommended and can be made by calling (949) 729-1144.

Instagram Makes Its Web Debut

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 3.12.12 PM

Since launching in October of 2010, Instagram has been a simple app that has inspired users to capture everyday moments through a series of unique lenses.  In an effort to stay true to its core of seeing and taking photos on the go, Instagram’s focus was to build a mobile-only experience.  This focus started to shift once Facebook acquired Instagram and the once “photo app” became increasingly popular, with the ability to now interact by ‘liking’ or commenting on photos. Instagram knew that in order to keep up with their growing community they needed to make their app more accessible, hence the launch of the desktop version.

Through, users are now able to browse their Instagram feed and view profiles on the web, just like you would do on a mobile device.  Not only can you view photos of people whom you follow, but you can also like photos or engage in a conversation around a photo, all via the web.  Want your feed to look more like it does on a mobile device?  Simply shrink your browser down to a single column and keep up with the people you follow in real-time.  Staying true to its roots, Instagram is about taking photos on the go, in the real world, so users will still have to produce photos from their mobile device and cannot upload from the web.

We’re excited to be a part of the growing Instagram community!  Follow La Voz Marketing on Instagram at

Facebook Improves Search Experience With ‘Graph Search’


Facebook recently announced a plan to improve search experience amongst its billions of users with its newest tool: ‘Graph Search’. This new search tool will use a series of filters to allow it to sort things like relationships, interests and locations. For instance, let’s say you are planning a movie night and want to invite “Friends who like Twilight”, you would use Graph Search to search within your profile for friends with these common interests. It can also be used to find someone you met at a party by checking mutual friends who were at that same party.

Since Graph Search is still in beta, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. While many of the obvious searches involve finding things among people you know, Facebook also hopes it will let people find new interests and groups with an “Extend this Search” feature. By taking on review sites like Yelp, some of the filters will allow users to look for specific categories like “Restaurants in London my friends have been to” and find results that are liked by friends, along with addresses and phone numbers. Facebook is creating a way to integrate these social reviews and making it possible to give their users results from people they actually know. After all, referrals and recommendations from friends have a much greater impact than those from total strangers.

Facebook has also positioned Graph Search as an alternative to business-oriented social networks (like LinkedIn) given the fact that it allows users to track down individuals that work at a specific company.

Graph Search will be rolling out “very slowly,” with a limited beta for English-speaking users; you can sign up for the waitlist here.

The New Myspace: We Love It & How to Get Started

New Myspace

More than 10 years after its original launch (and after a few acquisitions), the New Myspace has officially re-launched!  The reborn social network is now accepting users and the site is beautiful.

While you may be thinking “Oh great, not another social network to manage”, we must say that the New Myspace has put great effort into differentiate itself from other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  In a recent conversation with Myspace CEO, Tim Vanderhook, he described the new Myspace portal as “the best of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and iTunes all in one!”

The horizontal navigation is fresh and easy to use and the content stream functions similarly to the Pinterest feed. The truly seamless music integration has to be one of the best features of the New Myspace – which we’re sure music icon (and Myspace investor) Justin Timberlake had a role in.

Whether you’re about to sign up or still considering, here are some Helpful Tips from Mashable on the basic features and functionality of this new and improved social network.

Insights on Pinterest Business Pages

How To Guide for Pinterest Business PagesDid you know Pinterest is now offering new features and resources for businesses?  We would like to share a few insights on this topic, based on recent information we received from Melanie Duncan, a well-known Pinterest marketing expert.  Feel free to contact us if you need help deciding if Pinterest is the right social media outlet for YOUR business!

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard of interesting things you find on the web. Ideas and images are retrieved from other sites and ‘pinned’ to one’s ‘pinboard’. These ‘pins’ or collection of ideas are than ‘re-pinned’ to other users pinboards, thus circulating the original link and allowing it to become extremely viral. Pinterest has become increasingly popular because there are no ads, making it an excellent traffic referral source because you have the user’s full attention. With over 10 million Facebook connection users and 10 million unique visitors, Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

What to Pin?

  • Original content that links back to your website
  • Infographics – these provide value, establish credibility, and build a relationship
  • Checklists – because tall, long images are more likely to be re-pinned
  • Tutorials – have a 42% higher click through rate
  • Pins with text – add text to your image to describe pin, so it is easily understood
  • Videos from YouTube – videos receive strong responses (comments, share, traffic, etc.)
  • Clever captions – to get more people to click through to site

Secret Boards

Pinterest now allows users the option to create up to 3 Secret Boards: this means that when you add a pin, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest. Users then have the option of adding clients, employees or anyone else to view their secret board. This option provides a great way to collaborate with your team and draw up ideas and inspiration!

Feel free to contact LVM if you would like to learn more about creating an official business account on Pinterest!