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LVM to Participate in ‘Searching for Cesar Chavez’: A National Live-Streamed Event at Hispanicize 2013

Cesar Chavez

We are thrilled to participate in the ‘Searching for Cesar Chavez’ event at Hispanicize 2013 in Miami!  The National Town Hall live-streamed event, hosted by Hispanicize 2013 and the Friends of the American Latino Museum, will take place on April 13th and involve national experts, media and elected officials.  Honoring the 20th anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s passing and just months after the presidential election in which U.S. Hispanics cast the decisive votes, the event will tackle one of the most common questions Latinos often ask themselves: Who is our modern day Cesar Chavez?  A Pew Hispanic Center survey from a recent article suggests that Latinos believe they do not have a national leader and could be losing opportunities by not having a strong, dynamic national spokesperson.

“With over 50 million American Latinos in this nation, strong Latino leadership is vital to ensuring our community’s voice is heard,” said Cid Wilson, Board Chair for the Friends of the American Latino Museum, in a recent article from Hispanicize. “We are proud to partner with Hispanicize for this panel that will highlight our cultural leaders throughout history while building recommendations to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.”

Set up as an interactive town hall stylized meeting, the event will live stream to the Friends of the American Latino Museum’s 325,000 subscribers (including over 250,000 Facebook and Twitter followers).  This ‘cultural summit’ will discuss where Latinos truly stand in America today and conclude with actionable steps that could help change history.

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Brand Marketing Predictions for 2013

Forbes recently released an article asking CMOs of 10 Fortune 500 companies to predict how digital media and technology will impact brand marketing in 2013. Within the article, marketing chiefs from MasterCard, Philips, Western Union and MillerCoors shared their prophecies and explained how they’re backing them up.


Andy England of MillerCoors

Although we felt the predictions from each of the companies were important and meaningful, we were especially intrigued by the viewpoint of Andy England, Chief Marketing Officer of MillerCoors, on the Latino Market:

“Given that Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the US population, and that they are extremely digitally active, my prediction is that marketers will become increasingly focused on Latino Digital,” said Mr. England.

To back up how MillerCoors is committed to Latino Digital, Coors Light is bringing its sponsorship of Liga MX to Latino soccer fans through its Fanaticos del Frio platform. “In 2013, we’ll have even more mobile-optimized content through Fanaticos del Frio,” explained England.  The platform is designed to bring more content on Liga MX action and information to fans and will be supported with programming on Univision Deportes.

To view the marketing predictions from the remaining CMOs, visit

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A Reflection of 2012 from a Latino Perspective

Latino PerspectiveThe “Decade of the Latino” has arrived and historic events in 2012 illustrated that Latinos have spoken loud and clear. So what was learned in 2012 that will propel Latinos into 2013? Latin Heat Entertainment reflects on the past and forecasts what the second largest population in the U.S. can expect in the future.

Latinos were “listened to” and definitely “counted” when President Barack Obama was re-elected into the White House. Now with an additional four years, Obama promises immigration will be a top priority, but many questions need to be addressed, beginning with “how do we secure our borders, yet ensure international commerce that is vital to America?”

Unless they make an effort to address the disparities, the Democrats could lose in California and Texas due to the GOP’s recent increase of elected Latinos into visible positions (Governor, U.S. Senator). In California, Latinos comprise 40 percent of the population, yet have no statewide elected officials. In fact, two years ago, state Democrats voted not to endorse any Latino candidate running for statewide office and the California Democratic Party leadership does not include any Latinos.

Another thing 2012 taught us was that polls and data sets are essential to be a part of mainstream media news. As voter projections were made, more and more Latino “experts” were guests on a variety of political talk shows. For example, Spanish news broadcaster Jorge Ramos asked tough questions to both the two Presidential candidates, proving that Latinos are attune to the issues facing America. Some of these issues include poverty numbers between 25 and 28 percent and an unemployment rate of 10 percent.

What Latinos can expect, beginning in 2013, is more inclusion, especially in mainstream media. For instance, Giselle Fernandez, the only Latina on The Kennedy Center Honors’ Board of Trustees, is heading up a committee to revamp the honorees selection process and be more inclusive of Latino artists. The challenge will be the sensitizing of Hollywood, in which films cast a white male actor to portray a Mexican American character.

Tips from LatinoWire’s Expert Hispanic Media Panel

The LVM team recently participated in an informative webinar, hosted by LatinoWire, which offered tips from media experts within the Hispanic field.  The webinar delivered insights from key reporters from Vista Magazine, Fox News Latino, Servicio Hispano at Efe News Services, and NBC Latino. We were able to take away plenty of helpful tips and are happy to share some of them with you now:

Marissa Rodriguez – Vista Magazine

  • Vista Magazine is a 27-year-old magazine, catering to Latinas and helping them “live the good life made simple”. The magazine acts as a resource guide for living an organized, streamlined and fulfilled life.
  • Focuses on simple solutions for everyday challenges, with an inspirational and aspirational tone.
  • Best pitches are those about people or things that show how to make lives easier, ideally featuring Hispanic spokespeople or sources, showing how they relate to Latinos.

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2012: Sept. 15th – Oct. 15th

Flags For Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is fast approaching! Considering our passion for the U.S. Hispanic market, we thought it fitting to recognize the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking regions of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

In September 1968, Congress authorized then President, Lyndon B. Johnson to announce National Hispanic Heritage Week. This cultural celebration would take place during the week that included September 15 and September 16.

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