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The Financial Benefits of Citizenship for Hispanic Americans

CA_Latino_Financial_Access_ReportWeb.pdf - Mozilla Firefox 6132013 21951 PMThe National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recently released a new report titled ‘Latino Financial Access and Inclusion‘, which examines the financial benefits of citizenship for Hispanic Americans.  Included within the report are ways in which citizenship provides new opportunities for individuals to build their financial capacity.

Between January and April 2012, NCLR worked with eight NCLR Affiliates and four Progreso Financiero stores to survey more than 1,000 low-income Hispanic individuals across California.  The objective of this survey was to understand how Latino households were interacting with the financial services industry, the qualities and experiences that shaped their attitudes and decision-making, and the ways in which technology was either fostering or inhibiting access to financial services.  Below are a few key factors we pulled from the report:

Account Ownership and Use:

  • The majority of survey participants were saving. However, those without a bank account were less likely to save than participants with an account.
  • Survey respondents were tapping into a wide range of financial tools beyond those associated with accounts, such as checks or debit cards. Moreover, personal networks were an important financial tool.

Age, Citizenship Status, and Employment:

  • Account ownership fluctuated among age groups. Immigrant account ownership varied based on time in the country.
  • Foreign-born citizens had higher engagement levels than similarly situated immigrants who have yet to naturalize.
  • Participants pointed to the lack of bilingual capacity among financial institutions and burdensome identification requirements as major obstacles to building a meaningful relationship with a financial institution.
  • The unemployed were less likely to have an account than the employed.

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Gaining Political Leverage Through The Use of Social Media

Not only are they the fastest growing population in the United States, now Hispanics are also considered the earliest users of smart phones (according to experts) due to the increased number of Hispanic youth and because many simply cannot afford a computer.  To take it a step further, 72 percent of Latino Internet users say they are on Social Media sites compared to 58 percent of all U.S. internet users, according to the Pew Research Hispanic Center.  When it comes to Facebook, 54 percent of Hispanics regularly use the social network compared to only 43 percent of white Americans.  Drawing from these findings and numbers, onlookers are lead to believe that Hispanic consumers’ use of smartphones, television, online video, and social networking make this group one of the most engaged and dynamic populations in the current digital space.

In the past year alone, activists say social media platforms have also been a gateway in boosting voter registration among Hispanics, who supported Barack Obama.  Social Media has also brought attention to immigration reform and serves as a key resource for obtaining legal status through President Obama’s deferred action program.  Below are a few influential events that were created via social media platforms by various Latino activists and brought to our attention via

iMarch – The March for Innovation

imarchIn an effort to promote immigration reform, Hispanics leveraged the recent social media surge to coordinate a virtual “iMarch” on Twitter, generating thousands of tweets (that landed more than a half billion times) that caused this to be among the largest of social media advocacy efforts.  The political leverage was so impactful that Members of Congress found their Twitter accounts inundated with hundreds of messages and the push caused prominent supporters such as Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Clinton, Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Arnold Schwarzenegger to tweet support for reform to millions of their followers.  The march also partnered with Obama’s OFA (Organizing for Action), which helped promote it and push traffic.  The president tweeted a number of times to his 31 million followers – and at one point retweeted Jeb Bush.

Going forward, organizers for the “iMarch” will use the successful social template to put pressure on Congress and strive to push the controversial reform bill through the House and Senate.

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Recap & Highlights from Hispanicize 2013, The 4th Annual Latino Trends Event of the Year


LVM recently traveled to Miami Beach, Florida for Hispanicize 2013, an important annual event that brings together professionals that are focused on the Latino market within social media, public relations, advertising, journalism, film and music.  After engaging in five full days of education, entertainment, and rekindling with colleagues, clients, bloggers and journalists, we returned home to California exhausted and fully inspired!   Here is a recap and some of our favorite highlights from the 4th Annual Latino Trends Event of the Year:

Hispanic Market Trends 2013: Top Marketers took an In-Depth Look at the Cultural and Marketing Shifts

In the midst of an ever growing digital revolution, the Hispanic and multicultural marketing world is experiencing massive change.  At a time when major TV networks are being launched, social media is exploding and bicultural marketing is finally taking off.  Speakers from AARP (Raquel “Rocky” Egusquiza), Sherwin-Williams (Jason Riveiro) and Target (Nydia Shagun) helped us understand how senior Hispanic and multicultural brand executives are tackling these and other pressing questions of the Hispanic market industry. We also gained insight on:

  • The top cultural trends Hispanic marketers are paying most attention to
  • Social media strategies and tactics that show the most and least potential with brands
  • Potential marketing implications of changes in the immigration policies
  • Latino trend setters brands most admire in music, film and culture
  • What brands REALLY think about the major realignments going on at the major Hispanic TV networks
  • How brands are aligning their digital strategies with their non digital platforms

Hollywood Icons Take Part in The Adelante Movement: The Wisdom of Latina Legends

We’re still spinning from The Adelante Movement luncheon, hosted by the inspiring Nely Galan, founder of The Adelante Movement, and featuring Hollywood icons Rita Moreno and Charo. Presented by The Coca-Cola Company, these legends provided us with their insights regarding economic and personal empowerment, career and financial success, as well as health, wellness and longevity.

“I have firm faith in the untapped potential of women at home and around the world,” proclaimed West Side Story Actress, Rita Moreno.  “We are not victims…we are agents of change…drivers of progress…makers of peace…all we need is a fighting chance.”

The Leading Conservative & Liberal Voices of Hispanic Journalism

In the wake of the 2012 Presidential election, the Hispanic voting bloc has become an increasingly important one with major ramifications on our nation. Every day and on almost any network, one can witness an intelligent and prominent Latino voice offering perspective on the issues of the day. Immigration reform is heating up, more Latinos are represented in Congress than ever before, Democrats are pushing legislation on various fronts dealing with Latino issues and the Republican National Committee recently announced outreach to Hispanics as their single biggest focal point in the years ahead.

Speakers from FOX News (Rick Sanchez), The Jeffrey Group (Mike Valdes-Fauli), Dewey Square Group (Marla Cardona), Capital Gains (Carlos Currbelo) and El Show de Fernando Espuelas (Fernando Espuelas) discussed these debatable topics facing our nation.

We were continually impressed by the caliber of speakers, brands and media that we engaged with at Hispanicize 2013 and look forward to next year’s event!  For additional insights and key takeaways, check out Manny Ruiz’s (Founder of Hispanicize) overview “Key Takeaways, Memories and Other Highlights from Hispanicize 2013“.   Gracias por todo Hispanicize 2013!

LVM to Participate in ‘Searching for Cesar Chavez’: A National Live-Streamed Event at Hispanicize 2013

Cesar Chavez

We are thrilled to participate in the ‘Searching for Cesar Chavez’ event at Hispanicize 2013 in Miami!  The National Town Hall live-streamed event, hosted by Hispanicize 2013 and the Friends of the American Latino Museum, will take place on April 13th and involve national experts, media and elected officials.  Honoring the 20th anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s passing and just months after the presidential election in which U.S. Hispanics cast the decisive votes, the event will tackle one of the most common questions Latinos often ask themselves: Who is our modern day Cesar Chavez?  A Pew Hispanic Center survey from a recent article suggests that Latinos believe they do not have a national leader and could be losing opportunities by not having a strong, dynamic national spokesperson.

“With over 50 million American Latinos in this nation, strong Latino leadership is vital to ensuring our community’s voice is heard,” said Cid Wilson, Board Chair for the Friends of the American Latino Museum, in a recent article from Hispanicize. “We are proud to partner with Hispanicize for this panel that will highlight our cultural leaders throughout history while building recommendations to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.”

Set up as an interactive town hall stylized meeting, the event will live stream to the Friends of the American Latino Museum’s 325,000 subscribers (including over 250,000 Facebook and Twitter followers).  This ‘cultural summit’ will discuss where Latinos truly stand in America today and conclude with actionable steps that could help change history.

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Countdown to Hispanicize 2013

Hispanicize 2013 is less than a month away and we cannot wait!  For those who are unfamiliar with this conference, Hispanicize is the iconic annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music and innovation.  Taking place in Miami this year, Hispanicize is a gateway for new products, campaigns, films, technologies and more, specifically targeted toward Latinos.

We look forward to catching up with our fellow bloggers and colleagues and are anxious to check out some of the new film screenings and music shows that have been incorporated into the 2013 event.  With 100+ sessions and 260 speakers, we look forward to immersing ourselves in the experience and sharing our key learnings and insights with you!  Stay tuned for more.

The final schedule of Hispanicize 2013 will be unveiled this Thursday, March 21. To view the schedule to date, visit

Brand Marketing Predictions for 2013

Forbes recently released an article asking CMOs of 10 Fortune 500 companies to predict how digital media and technology will impact brand marketing in 2013. Within the article, marketing chiefs from MasterCard, Philips, Western Union and MillerCoors shared their prophecies and explained how they’re backing them up.


Andy England of MillerCoors

Although we felt the predictions from each of the companies were important and meaningful, we were especially intrigued by the viewpoint of Andy England, Chief Marketing Officer of MillerCoors, on the Latino Market:

“Given that Latinos are the fastest growing segment of the US population, and that they are extremely digitally active, my prediction is that marketers will become increasingly focused on Latino Digital,” said Mr. England.

To back up how MillerCoors is committed to Latino Digital, Coors Light is bringing its sponsorship of Liga MX to Latino soccer fans through its Fanaticos del Frio platform. “In 2013, we’ll have even more mobile-optimized content through Fanaticos del Frio,” explained England.  The platform is designed to bring more content on Liga MX action and information to fans and will be supported with programming on Univision Deportes.

To view the marketing predictions from the remaining CMOs, visit

Click here to learn more about LVM’s Multicultural Marketing Services.

A Reflection of 2012 from a Latino Perspective

Latino PerspectiveThe “Decade of the Latino” has arrived and historic events in 2012 illustrated that Latinos have spoken loud and clear. So what was learned in 2012 that will propel Latinos into 2013? Latin Heat Entertainment reflects on the past and forecasts what the second largest population in the U.S. can expect in the future.

Latinos were “listened to” and definitely “counted” when President Barack Obama was re-elected into the White House. Now with an additional four years, Obama promises immigration will be a top priority, but many questions need to be addressed, beginning with “how do we secure our borders, yet ensure international commerce that is vital to America?”

Unless they make an effort to address the disparities, the Democrats could lose in California and Texas due to the GOP’s recent increase of elected Latinos into visible positions (Governor, U.S. Senator). In California, Latinos comprise 40 percent of the population, yet have no statewide elected officials. In fact, two years ago, state Democrats voted not to endorse any Latino candidate running for statewide office and the California Democratic Party leadership does not include any Latinos.

Another thing 2012 taught us was that polls and data sets are essential to be a part of mainstream media news. As voter projections were made, more and more Latino “experts” were guests on a variety of political talk shows. For example, Spanish news broadcaster Jorge Ramos asked tough questions to both the two Presidential candidates, proving that Latinos are attune to the issues facing America. Some of these issues include poverty numbers between 25 and 28 percent and an unemployment rate of 10 percent.

What Latinos can expect, beginning in 2013, is more inclusion, especially in mainstream media. For instance, Giselle Fernandez, the only Latina on The Kennedy Center Honors’ Board of Trustees, is heading up a committee to revamp the honorees selection process and be more inclusive of Latino artists. The challenge will be the sensitizing of Hollywood, in which films cast a white male actor to portray a Mexican American character.

LVM Attends OCHCC 2012 Holiday Mixer

La Voz Marketing recently attended the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (OCHCC) Holiday Mixer, held at the Hyatt Regency Irvine on December 13th. Also in attendance, under the banner of the Orange County Leadership Symposium, was The Association of California Cities-Orange County, The Building Industry Association – Orange County Chapter and the Orange County Business Council.

We were treated to festive spirits and food and truly enjoyed catching up with our OrangeCounty colleagues.  A special thank you to the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for hosting such a wonderful event!

The Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represents the interest of and provides access to Orange County’s 30,000 Hispanic-owned businesses. To learn more on OCHCC, including future events, please visit

The Hispanic Influence On American Culture

As Hispanic culture continues to populate mainstream America, a new research study by Conill reveals where this effect is taking place and which groups are most affected by its influence.

The study, titled The Hispanic Influence on American Culture, shows how people of all demographics see the country changing based on the infusion of Latino culture, which now make up roughly one in six Americans.

“We set out to better understand how Hispanic identity might evolve over time,” said Conill Chief Strategy Officer Verena Sisa. “For example, do Hispanics see themselves as agents of change? What are their views on balancing their distinctive heritage with the pull of the mainstream? We also wanted to know where their perceptions diverged from non-Hispanics.”

The study revealed surprising and not-so-surprising truths:

  • Food, music and sports were confirmed as the greatest areas of influence by Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike.
  • Discrepancies arise when it comes to beauty and style.
  • Hispanics and non-Hispanics agree that the diversity of Hispanic culture in the U.S. is not well understood.
  • Despite the fact that Hispanics over index in the use of technology, the two areas where Hispanic influence is perceived to be the weakest by non-Hispanics are technology and the internet.
  • Only 1 in 10 of all respondents believes that Hispanics are “Extremely Safe” living in the Unites States.

The information from this study was originally posted on

To view the full study, click here: The Hispanic Influence on American Culture.

The Annual Event for Latino Trendsetters and Newsmakers – Hispanicize 2013

As 2012 comes to an end, we are already moving forward and thinking about where to spend Spring Break 2013. What better place to spend it than in Miami Beach at the annual Hispanicize conference!

For those who are unfamiliar with this conference, Hispanicize is the iconic annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, marketing, film, music and innovation. Now in its fourth year, Hispanicize is a gateway for new products, campaigns, films, technologies and more, specifically targeted toward Latinos.

Having attended Hispanicize 2011 in Los Angeles, we cannot wait to see what Hispanicize 2013 has to offer! In 2011, the focus was on social media and helping brands connect with bloggers. Now, 2 years later, Hispanicize 2013 is bringing three of the nation’s top Latino marketing trade media journals – The Hispanic PR Blog, Produ and Hispanic Market Weekly – together in efforts to bring unity to the Hispanic advertising, PR and social media industries.

Viva Miami Beach 2013!

To learn more about Hispanicize 2013, including speaker engagements, schedules and travel info, visit