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National Train Day – Connecting Our Nation’s Community

Given the impact that trains have had on our nation, we will be celebrating National Train Day this upcoming May 10th!  Trains play an important role in the community at large and offer simplified connectivity in an economic and environmentally-conscious way.  They have also shaped culture nationwide and continue to drive progress and innovation.

As we watch a magnificent transportation hub, called the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC), being built in Anaheim, California, we look forward to the powerful impact that this new station will have on transforming travel throughout Southern California.  Now check this out (facts and images from National Train Day website):

Connectivity – Amtrak carries approximately 31.6 million people a year, offering connecting routes to over 550 communities, many of which have no other transportation.  Amtrak’s ridership has grown by 55% since 1997 (faster than any other major travel mode) and is projected to continue its expansion.Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 3.07.08 PM

Economic – Over 90% of Amtrak’s spending is domestic.  The company prides itself on empowering American business owners by creating jobs in local communities, employing more than 20,000 nationwide.  Nearly 88% of trips are made for business purposes, helping nearly 3 million people make connections that are necessary to our growing economy.

Screen shot 2014-04-19 at 3.09.11 PMEnvironmental – Amtrak trains are 16% more efficient than planes and 34% more efficient than cars, in terms of energy used per passenger. By offering routes to 237 National Parks, historic sites and monuments, Amtrak allows Americans to venture to the great outdoors and decrease driving. With the goal in mind to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Amtrak “plugs in” trains at layover facilities to use electrical power so the diesel locomotives can be shut down. Doing so minimizes engine idling and saves fuel while trains are being serviced.

Cultural – Trains are part of our culture in more ways than one. Did you know Mick Jagger’s first Instagram photo was on Acela Express from New York to Washington, DC? Or that Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit, created the idea behind the company on Amtrak?  Historically, sports teams that are known to ride the train tScreen shot 2014-04-19 at 3.07.50 PMo away games include the NY Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and the NY Knicks.

Perhaps you’ve heard of #metro or #metrolink, the  region’s passenger rail system that connects major cities from northern to southern California.  If you’ve never taken the train in California, you are missing out!

Learn more about National Train Day on its website ( and connect with them on Facebook to stay updated on the latest news.

LVM President Named ’40 Under 40′ Honoree by OC Register Metro

S.Kaszton_1_0H5A1004_cropThe OC Register Metro today announced its ’40 Under 40′ list, which honors 40 individuals, under the age of 40,  as Orange County’s most interesting and highest achieving individuals.  We proudly announce that our President and Founder, Stacey Kaszton, has been chosen as one of the honorees featured in the May 2014 issue of OC Metro (available now on stands).  Alongside her peers, Stacey is being recognized as a fabulous, forward-thinking leader that is driven, passionate and accomplished in business and philanthropy.

Read the full article on Stacey here.

The OC Register Metro will celebrate all #40UNDER40 honorees at an invite-only reception on Thursday, May 15 at the Chuck Jones Gallery in Costa Mesa.

OC Register Metro 40 Under 40 AwardAs the region’s only leadership-focused glossy magazine, OC Register Metro is published for Orange County executives, entrepreneurs and professionals and aims to bring readers inside the lives of the most interesting and accomplished individuals in the county.

Congratulations Stacey!  We know this is just the beginning for you!

The Tools To Dominate SEO Are Here

SEO“The Internet will not promote your content for you. It’s not that good yet and likely never will be.”

In an article written by Kevin Bailey, CMO of Digital Relevance, Bailey eplains the critical role that SEO strategies play on the survival of businesses. “Effective content promotion takes great content, thorough media research and lots of outreach sweat,” said Bailey. What exactly does this mean for companies striving to grow their online presence? Online rankings are affected by what companies claim about themselves on their website, and by what is said about them on other sites, (off-site SEO). Google’s algorithm heavily weighs the off-site content, when ranking sites on it’s platform. While such content was heavily influenced by spammers in the past, contorting Google’s process, due to algorithm updates – this is no longer the case. The links that drive traffic back to company websites result in real business, and can even be measure in real-time. This allows companies to accurately determine which efforts are deemed successful and worth while to their growth, and those which are not.

What was once a smattering of content laced with key words and back-links hoping to increase rankings, is now a calculated and strategic system. Moz has emerged as one of the most prolific SEO software companies, acting as an endless resources to companies by tracking back-links, visitor traffic, keyword searches, organic traffic and more. It is beginning to reveal to its audiences the impact that effective SEO strategies can have on businesses’ success nationwide and even worldwide. Savvy PR specialists are jumping at the opportunity to utilize the endless opportunities that SEO tools such as Moz have to offer, in order to grow their clients to their potential.

Here at La Voz Marketing we know the capabilities of these innovative online marketing tools and specialize in developing strategies to re-brand your business and increase SEO. To learn more about the possibilities that are available to you and how LVM can help your brand build its online presence, visit us at

Female Entrepreneurs Lead Latin American Economy Forward

shutterstock_126761300A recent article published in Women2.0, written by Rania Anderson, Founder & President, The Way Women Work shed some interesting light on the Future of the Latin American economy and how it is being influenced and led by female leaders and entrepreneurs.

“The only thing that stabilizes markets is growth…[that] will come from the entrepreneurial sector, and most especially from the growth of women entrepreneurs” said Anderson. We were inspired by the countless examples she gave, showing how how the women entrepreneurs of the Latino community are leading their economy forward.

Anderson enlightenment began while she was in Argentina, meeting with several women entrepreneurs who were influential figures in a wide range of segments. Among these were Denise Abulafia, co-founder and CEO of Educatina, a Khan Academy equivalent in South America. Educatina has generated over 3000 education videos, helps over 300,000 students per month and continues to grow.

She went on to say that having a more formal business mentor is a relatively new practice in Latin America, but one that is expected to stick. This is among the many ways females are coming together in support for one another in the Latino community and strengthening their growing foundation of leadership. Click here to read the full article.

Here at La Voz Marketing we are proud to see the influence and success that these female leaders are having on their community and economy as a whole.

Get Ready For The 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

The 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film FestivalThe 21st annual San Diego Latino Film Festival is taking place March 13-23, at the Media Arts Center in San Diego, California. This is a highly-anticipated event, that is a true gem in the Latino community, showcasing the authentic arts and talent of influential individuals through educational, creative and production oriented programs. The Media Arts Center San Diego (MACSD), is a non-profit organization that blossomed through the expansion of the San Diego Film Festival (SDLFF), and partners with them to deliver the annual event. Throughout the ten-day festival, the organization offers diverse, statewide programs and services to residents and visitors, as well as independent and amateur filmmakers. With a mission to challenge the historical exclusion of under-represented communities from the media arts field, and distorted images of a Hispanic communities by mainstream media; the organization takes pride in this influential affair.

The annual film festival works to introduce its audiences to contemporary US-Latino and Latin American cinema, which is otherwise unexposed to the public. It spotlights women filmmakers, a youth media showcase, Gay and Lesbian films and filmmakers among others that are often disregarded. Educational, creative and production oriented programs reach undeserved youth, and residents, while providing MACSD with opportunities for community-based collaborations and the ability to carry out their mission. The event will feature workshops, VIP parties and special guests throughout.

The event is easy to attend, as the Amtrak of California is offering special routes to and from the event destination. Click here for further transportation details.

To learn more about the The 21st annual San Diego Latino Film Festival, visit their website at
For more ways to get involved with The Media Arts Center in San Diego, go to their website:

Three Things We Learned from the 2014 CES

Over 3,000 exhibitors gathered at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada to showcase their newest products in consumer technology.  CES is noted as the event of the year, highlighted for unveiling the top designs, features and trends of a whole host of gadgets that uniquely challenge the market.  In 2005, the crazed product introduced at the show was the Samsung i730, complete with Windows Mobile 2003, 3G and even a color display.  The pricey LG BH100 HD DVD and Blu-ray combo player made its debut in 2007, most noted for it’s ability to play both formats from a single disc tray.  A year later Apple launched the 3-inch touchscreen iRiver as the top portable media player, while Phillips introduced its Eco TV.  By 2009 smart phones began to emerge and by 2013 we had already been introduced to tablets.

You’re probably wondering what the hottest products at CES were this year…we were curious too.  Here are some of the hottest new gadgets introduced this year:

Curved and bendable displays –

123(3)_071305231802_640x360Makers such as LG and Samsung introduced high-definition models that curve towards the viewer and designs that are bendable. This innovative new functionality will offer “even more lifelike picture quality with more depth,” according to Samsung’s Executive Vice President of the visual display business. Not only this, both companies introduced displays that are able to bend to the viewer’s liking.

Also introduced by LG was the G Flex Smartphone, offering a curved display which contours nicely to the users face. LG says the G Flex will be available to consumers through AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Solar powered concept cars and built-in applications –

Ford is helping to change the perception of solar powered vehicles with its new Ford C-Max. This sleek new solar car, with inconspicuously placed rooftop panels, can fuel 75% of its trips by just the sun.

BMW also showcased its new ActiveAssist application that turns its vehicle into a nearly driverless-car. The feature is designed to assume control of the car – steering, accelerating and braking as needed (in case of an emergency).

Smartwatches step up theiCMAXr game –

Razer displayed a new wristband called the Nabu, that they described as a “cross between a Smartwatch and fitness band.” Not only can this new kind of Smartwatch deliver text and emails, it can also monitor and record both sleep and activity, with a built-in GPS.  LG revealed a similar device – the LifeBand – which,  in addition to Smartwatch capabilities, GPS and activity monitoring, can control music as well.

We are inspired by these new products and technology trends and look forward to seeing how they can be integrated into business to further increase productivity and efficiency.