Hispanic Community Influences Market Trends

Does your company prioritize reaching the Hispanic community?  Honestly, engaging this audience can be vital to maintaining and growing your business. The impact of Latinos, especially in the realm of technology, will increase exponentially in the coming years.  The ever-increasing group of Hispanic consumers are influencing the market and propelling companies to cater to their desires.Google.Soy

In an article published by the Miami Herald, Ina Paiva Cordle discusses the growing Hispanic consumer market and the best ways to engage.  It is crucial to consider and incorporate this community as you plan for the future.

Latinos have established themselves in the mobile social media world and leverage it as a way to stay connected and share information. Companies have had to modify their approach to attract the Hispanic community by using technology and relatable cultural aspects. Utilizing the correct channels of communication is also essential to ensuring that your content is effective. Cordle states that Hispanics are “four times more likely to share branded content”, which can help your business considerably.

Positively impacting the Hispanic community is becoming a trend for companies such as Google, Target and Sherwin Williams’, who have already made adjustments to include this demographic. In fact, Google has made efforts to connect with Latinos using “Get your business con Google”, and they will launch a bilingual, bicultural domain “.soy”. Both mainstream and small businesses will need to make similar efforts to nurture the relationship with Latino audiences. “If Hispanics can determine the presidential election, they can definitely determine the future of technology,” said Eliana Murillo, head of multicultural marketing for Google.

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