What’s The Good Word?

YOLOUnderstanding your target audience is the first step to successful communication.  To ensure you reach them, you have to speak their language.  So, what’s the good word?

From a recent post by Cassandra Daily, a site powered by the research, insights and global trendsetter network of The Intelligence Group, we learned some of the latest vocabulary being used by Gen Y/Z today.  Certainly some of these are new for you as well!

YOLO = You only live once.  Example: “Let’s go skydiving at night. YOLO!”

Okay, you’ve probably seen this a few times…but if you weren’t sure of the meaning, now you know!

Havishamin’ = To sit at home by yourself wishing you were out having fun (references Miss Havisham from Great Expectations).  Example: “What are you up to tonight?” “Oh, just Havishamin’. That guy said he would call but no word from him yet.”

Bare = A lot, without good reason.  Example: “You have bare likes on your profile picture.  Whats up with that?”

Swerve = to move, leave or scram.  Example: “I told her to swerve after she made that rude comment.”

Got me feelin’ some type of way = Phrase used to describe what one feels when something brings up an outpouring of otherwise hard to describe emotions. Example: “I lost my phone, and it’s got me feelin’ some type of way.”

Remember, never underestimate the importance of knowing how to speak to your audience.  People are responsive to those who know and understand them.  You can’t apply one communication formula across the board.  To have success you must develop a ‘voz’ or voice that is authentic and truly engages your customers.  Let La Voz Marketing help you develop your voice.

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