The New Myspace: We Love It & How to Get Started

New Myspace

More than 10 years after its original launch (and after a few acquisitions), the New Myspace has officially re-launched!  The reborn social network is now accepting users and the site is beautiful.

While you may be thinking “Oh great, not another social network to manage”, we must say that the New Myspace has put great effort into differentiate itself from other networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  In a recent conversation with Myspace CEO, Tim Vanderhook, he described the new Myspace portal as “the best of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and iTunes all in one!”

The horizontal navigation is fresh and easy to use and the content stream functions similarly to the Pinterest feed. The truly seamless music integration has to be one of the best features of the New Myspace – which we’re sure music icon (and Myspace investor) Justin Timberlake had a role in.

Whether you’re about to sign up or still considering, here are some Helpful Tips from Mashable on the basic features and functionality of this new and improved social network.