The Hispanic Influence On American Culture

As Hispanic culture continues to populate mainstream America, a new research study by Conill reveals where this effect is taking place and which groups are most affected by its influence.

The study, titled The Hispanic Influence on American Culture, shows how people of all demographics see the country changing based on the infusion of Latino culture, which now make up roughly one in six Americans.

“We set out to better understand how Hispanic identity might evolve over time,” said Conill Chief Strategy Officer Verena Sisa. “For example, do Hispanics see themselves as agents of change? What are their views on balancing their distinctive heritage with the pull of the mainstream? We also wanted to know where their perceptions diverged from non-Hispanics.”

The study revealed surprising and not-so-surprising truths:

  • Food, music and sports were confirmed as the greatest areas of influence by Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike.
  • Discrepancies arise when it comes to beauty and style.
  • Hispanics and non-Hispanics agree that the diversity of Hispanic culture in the U.S. is not well understood.
  • Despite the fact that Hispanics over index in the use of technology, the two areas where Hispanic influence is perceived to be the weakest by non-Hispanics are technology and the internet.
  • Only 1 in 10 of all respondents believes that Hispanics are “Extremely Safe” living in the Unites States.

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To view the full study, click here: The Hispanic Influence on American Culture.