Obama v. Romney Debate – Most Tweeted Event in U.S. Political History

After last night’s U.S. presidential debate, it’s safe to say that many viewers took to Twitter to express their views and opinions, making it the Most Tweeted Event in U.S. Political History. In total, the debate between U.S President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney generated 10.3 million tweets in 90 minutes – shattering records set by this year’s Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention, according to @gov, the Twitter feed for the microblogging service’s government and politics team.

The debate, now said to be the most tweeted about event in American political history, generated the most Twitter buzz when Jim Lehrer responded “let’s not” when Romney requested a topic, Obama joked that “I had five seconds’ when Lehrer gave the time limit and during the discussion about Medicare and vouchers.

Sesame Street’s ‘Big Bird’ was probably the breakout topic of the evening. After Romney admitted that he “loves Big Bird,” but would still cut subsidies for PBS, Big Bird became a top trending topic, producing a quarter million tweets.

The first 2012 presidential debate had already broke all four 2008 debates in terms of tweet numbers, even before the debate even started! We’re anxious to see if the next presidential debate on October 16th regarding foreign and domestic policy can break yet another Twitter record.

For more information and to view a chart of the conversations throughout the debate, click here.


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