New iPhone 5 Means Business For Incipio

As the much anticipated iPhone 5 launch approaches, our client Incipio prepares for confirmation of what the next iPhone will be. This new iPhone 5 means business for Incipio, so this announcement is very crucial in determining if their predictions were correct.

Even though there have been rumors pointed toward Apple launching a larger iPhone for months, Incipio (a company largely shaped by Apple’s handhelds) remains cautious about acting on apparent rumors.

“No one knows what they’re going to do,” said Andy Fathollahi, founder of Incipio, who plans to watch the iPhone announcement with his team at their Irvine headquarters, blogged live on a big screen TV. “It’s like a sporting event, a quiet sporting event, because you’re just reading.”

According to a recent post in the OC Register titled New iPhone Means Business for O.C. Companies, Fathollahi stood in San Francisco more than five years ago taking pictures of the very first iPhone, separated by a glass barrier, after it was unveiled by Steve Jobs. From there, he would than go on to use the pictures to guess at the dimensions of the phone and design a case that would be among the first to market.

Back when the first iPhone was launched, Incipio occupied a 6,000-square-foot headquarters in Yorba Linda at the time. Although the privately-held company had been in business since 1999, it wasn’t until the launch of the iPhone that it expanded and grew from four employees in 2007 to about 140 today. Each year since the first iPhone, Incipio has grown out of their location and has had to relocate to a larger facility. The company holds its current headquarters at a 160,000 square-foot facility in Irvine that includes extra warehouse space for future growth. Always keeping up with the latest technological advances, the production system is now streamlined and a 3-D model for a new phone can be “printed” out on that machine in about a day.

Incipio makes cases for all popular mobile devices, but Fathollahi thinks the iPhone will be the most important of the year for his company.

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