Tips from LatinoWire’s Expert Hispanic Media Panel

The LVM team recently participated in an informative webinar, hosted by LatinoWire, which offered tips from media experts within the Hispanic field.  The webinar delivered insights from key reporters from Vista Magazine, Fox News Latino, Servicio Hispano at Efe News Services, and NBC Latino. We were able to take away plenty of helpful tips and are happy to share some of them with you now:

Marissa Rodriguez – Vista Magazine

  • Vista Magazine is a 27-year-old magazine, catering to Latinas and helping them “live the good life made simple”. The magazine acts as a resource guide for living an organized, streamlined and fulfilled life.
  • Focuses on simple solutions for everyday challenges, with an inspirational and aspirational tone.
  • Best pitches are those about people or things that show how to make lives easier, ideally featuring Hispanic spokespeople or sources, showing how they relate to Latinos.

Carolyn Salazar – Fox News Latino

  • Target audience is second/third generation Latinos who care about their culture but are more comfortable speaking and reading in English.
  • was launched two years ago to put a face on Latino issues through profiles or niche stories, with hard-hitting, in-depth story lines from around the country and Latin America.
  • Prefers issue-type stories and trend pitches (vs. local events and products), which suggest what the theme or the angle of the piece might be.

Claudia Solis – Servicio Hispano at Efe News Services

  • Focus is exclusively on U.S. Latinos and it is the main news supplier of many Spanish media outlets including Univision, impreMedia, MSN Latino, Yahoo!, CNN en Español and Fox Latino.
  • Covers a broad range of topics relevant to the Hispanic community in the U.S., including entertainment, immigration, sports, education, politics, community, etc.
  • Favors stories that have a human angle, tell a story, and are about people.

Nina Terrero – NBC Latino

  • Audience is smart, accomplished and wants to aspire for even more. Tries to reflect their audience, where they come from, and where they are headed.
  • Unique in the fact that every subject area covered is written from the perspective of moving it from the usual conversation towards something more inspired, empowered and energized.
  • Appreciates pitches that are articulate, compelling and beyond the expected. Prefers pitches to be accompanied with pictures, video and access to expert sources.

It was great to get the inside scoop, straight from the source, and discover what types of pitches certain Latino media outlets prefer. We look forward to working with NBC Latino, Efe News Service, Vista News Magazine and Fox News Latino in the future and are happy to establish relationships with these market leaders!