Instagram Makes Its Web Debut

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Since launching in October of 2010, Instagram has been a simple app that has inspired users to capture everyday moments through a series of unique lenses.  In an effort to stay true to its core of seeing and taking photos on the go, Instagram’s focus was to build a mobile-only experience.  This focus started to shift once Facebook acquired Instagram and the once “photo app” became increasingly popular, with the ability to now interact by ‘liking’ or commenting on photos. Instagram knew that in order to keep up with their growing community they needed to make their app more accessible, hence the launch of the desktop version.

Through, users are now able to browse their Instagram feed and view profiles on the web, just like you would do on a mobile device.  Not only can you view photos of people whom you follow, but you can also like photos or engage in a conversation around a photo, all via the web.  Want your feed to look more like it does on a mobile device?  Simply shrink your browser down to a single column and keep up with the people you follow in real-time.  Staying true to its roots, Instagram is about taking photos on the go, in the real world, so users will still have to produce photos from their mobile device and cannot upload from the web.

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