Iconic American Companies Founded By Immigrants

While U.S. lawmakers argue over the economic effects of immigration on the country, they should consider that many of America’s most well-known and profitable companies were founded by people born elsewhere.

attIn fact, according to the ‘Partnership For A New American Economy’, immigrant-founded Fortune 500 companies employed  3.6 million workers around the world in 2011 and were responsible for more than $1.7 trillion in revenues in 2010.  A 2012 report also found that immigrants as a whole are more than twice as likely to start a business as someone born in America. With that comes job creation: as of 2011, immigrant-run businesses employed one in 10 American workers.

A recent article published on pointed out several iconic American companies founded by immigrants:

  1. Google – Country Of Origin: Russia
  2. AT&T – Country Of Origin: Scotland
  3. Goldman Sachs – Country Of Origin: Germany
  4. eBay – Country Of Origin: France
  5. RadioShack – Country Of Origin: England
  6. Kohl’s – Country Of Origin: Poland
  7. Comcast – Country Of Origin: Germany
  8. Big Lots! – Country Of Origin: Russia
  9. Yahoo! – Country Of Origin: Taiwan
  10. Nordstrom – Country Of Origin: Sweden
  11. Colgate – Country Of Origin: England
  12. Sara Lee – Country Of Origin: Canada
  13. Dupont – Country Of Origin: France
  14. Kraft Foods – Country Of Origin: Canada
  15. Pfizer – Country Of Origin: Germany
  16. Procter & Gamble – Countries Of Origin: England, Ireland