Happy New Year & Ten Marketing Predictions for 2013

Happy New Year!  We are already embracing 2013 and would like to share these 10 Surprising Marketing Predictions for 2013, recently published by

Trends That Influence Relevance

1. Health = wealth. More consumers are focusing on living healthier due in part to rising medical costs.

2. Rewards for non-purchase activities. Loyalty programs are built on rewards for spending, but now this model is increasingly supplemented with rewards for certain actions–and for sharing them with others.

3. Friend, blend, spend. Consumers are demanding that their programs offer an increasingly cash-like redemption process, leading marketers are responding by to offer more variety in redemption options, and simplifying those with cash or near-cash rewards.

4. Augmented reality. Anyone who test-drives a BMW on his desktop or tries on clothes through Lands’ End’s virtual models has experienced augmented reality. This fairly specific innovation, has the power to penetrate any brand activity.

Trends That Affect Customer Engagement

1. The rise of MomPopolies. Mom and Pop establishments with as much engagement power as some of their national rivals, but with the ability of being hands-on local.

2. The new partners. Canada, Europe, South America and Asia have coalition loyalty programs, where scores of brands are organized under one loyalty program and consumers earn and redeem rewards across all program sponsors, like for example supermarkets and fuel stations.

3. Data scientist shortage. When we think of loyalty, we think of marketing, but the professional need is in data analysis. Organizations that award scholarships or produce joint case studies or research in this field will have a crack at the best and brightest.

4. Regulation rebound. Every data marketer knows that the industry is destined to face legislated changes in how it collects and analyzes data. Those organizations that choose to lead collaboratively stand to become the trusted, go-to experts.

Let the Economy Create Value

1. Glocalism. The term Glocalism technically means the adaptation of a product or service to each location or culture in which it is sold. It can also signify how regional businesses can be altered by events that take place far away.

2. Economic fear and control. So the United States is headed toward a fiscal cliff, and because of glocalization, all of the world is watching. While this is occurring, marketers shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the incentives that influence consumers remain largely the same: experience greater value, pay less and earn more.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2013!