Facebook Improves Search Experience With ‘Graph Search’


Facebook recently announced a plan to improve search experience amongst its billions of users with its newest tool: ‘Graph Search’. This new search tool will use a series of filters to allow it to sort things like relationships, interests and locations. For instance, let’s say you are planning a movie night and want to invite “Friends who like Twilight”, you would use Graph Search to search within your profile for friends with these common interests. It can also be used to find someone you met at a party by checking mutual friends who were at that same party.

Since Graph Search is still in beta, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. While many of the obvious searches involve finding things among people you know, Facebook also hopes it will let people find new interests and groups with an “Extend this Search” feature. By taking on review sites like Yelp, some of the filters will allow users to look for specific categories like “Restaurants in London my friends have been to” and find results that are liked by friends, along with addresses and phone numbers. Facebook is creating a way to integrate these social reviews and making it possible to give their users results from people they actually know. After all, referrals and recommendations from friends have a much greater impact than those from total strangers.

Facebook has also positioned Graph Search as an alternative to business-oriented social networks (like LinkedIn) given the fact that it allows users to track down individuals that work at a specific company.

Graph Search will be rolling out “very slowly,” with a limited beta for English-speaking users; you can sign up for the waitlist here.