Becoming an Industry Leader: Factors to Help you Rise to The Top

Looking to take your company to the next level?  Between work and your personal life, it may seem impossible to address all of your opportunities for growth.  Don’t fret – La Voz Marketing can support you with key marketing and public relations strategies that enable your company to become an industry leader.  We aren’t the only believers in the power of these practices. also believes and outlined some of these concepts in a recent article:

industry leaderHonesty

Your customers’ trust is huge when it comes to staying on top.  Being dishonest or hiding things can demolish that bond.  An example of a company attempting to be more straightforward with their consumers is McDonald’s.  Adding the calorie count to their menu risked cutting sales, but it was considerate of their customers’ concerns.

Trusted Source for Information

Customers naturally trust companies that provide them with good information.  Great examples of companies that make a point of doing this are HubSpotGrasshopperSwitch Video, and Moz. All of them have solid blogs, and they consistently produce content that their customers use to make day-to-day decisions. When you combine the quality of their content with their consistent distribution in industry publications, you hold the recipe for their credibility.

Contributing Executives

Are your executives contributors to your industry’s publications? Are they speaking at industry events? If not, they should be.  Your company strengthens its position as an authority when your executives are sharing their knowledge in the space your industry covets.

Meaningful Relationship with Target Market

Industry leaders care about more than just moving product. What information, service, or program can you provide that won’t dig deeper into your customers’ pockets — but will instead help them?

Industry Expert Employees

Look at the key employees who lead your different divisions.  Are they positioned as industry experts?  If you’re running a development company, then your senior developers should be the subject matter experts.

Awards and Placements in Top Industry Lists

Being recognized as the best helps establish you as an industry leader and fuels future growth.

Good Reputation

Whether you’re dealing with a customer or an employee, it’s important to treat people well.  Customers want to know that their money’s going to a company with a conscience.  Test your own reputation by having your employees and customers rate you.  If you’re swamped with positive reviews, then you’ve got this one covered.

Visible to Target Market in Search Results

You never know what kind of attention you might receive through search results.  Quality content, social influence, and author rank are important factors to pay attention to when it comes to dominating search results in the future.

Presence at Major Industry Events

One of the easiest steps you can take to establish yourself as an industry leader is to make sure you’re present at major events.  Keep a list of all your industry’s major events and create a solid presence at them.

Becoming dominant in an industry is challenging because there will always be an up-and-comer developing a new product or service.  La Voz Marketing can help you address the list above to establish you as an industry leader and enable you to maintain that position.